In Buerkle Rewards+ 5% Back rewards. Based on average per month for 2020.

Earn when you buy or lease

Finance, cash, or lease, new or used: you’ll always get the full benefits.

$200 toward your next vehicle

2 free tire rotations

2 free oil changes

$100 paintless dent repair credit

What’s this?

3-day, 300-mile exchange policy

If you’re buying used, shopping at Buerkle also has other benefits. We spend over $200,000 a month on average repairing + cleaning used vehicles for sale.* Every vehicle must pass a detailed inspection and comes with a free CarFax vehicle history report. We also add a 60-day, 2,500-mile powertrain warranty and a 30-day, 1,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty for vehicles with 75,000 odometer miles or less at the time of sale.

*All 3 Buerkle dealerships combined, 2019 averages

Earn when you service

Get these benefits every time you service with us, from oil changes to spare keys to engine repairs. You’ll also earn 5% back on Parts purchases.

5% back on everything you spend

Free car wash with every service visit

How it works

  • 1

    Sign up

    You can only sign up in our stores. Ask your service advisor or salesperson when you come in. You’ll get a member card with your member number on it.

  • Earn Rewards

    Earn rewards when you service, buy parts, purchase or lease any vehicle. You’ll earn starting on the day you sign up. Purchase rewards can take up to 2 weeks to show up in your account.


  • 3

    Check your rewards at home

    Log in to your rewards account using your member number to check how much you’ve earned.

  • Use rewards

    Just tell your service advisor or salesperson you want to use your rewards. Our staff can look you up based on name, phone number, or your vehicle info.



You can sign up in one of our stores when you visit Sales, Service, Parts or the Body Shop.

In Sales, our staff will sign you up when you finalize your purchase or lease.

To sign up in Service, Parts or the Body Shop, just tell our staff that you would like a Rewards account.

You will receive a member card, but you don’t need to carry this with you. Stash it somewhere in case you want to log in to your online account. The barcode number is your member number for your account.

Log into your account using the links right here on

Free Rewards oil changes always include:

  • Synthetic or semi-synthetic oil
  • Filter change
  • Multipoint inspection
  • Tire pressure check
  • Windshield washer fluid top-off
  • Recall check*
  • Car wash**

*Honda, Hyundai & Acura vehicles only, at the appropriate dealership
**Due to extreme weather & other circumstances a car wash is not always possible.

The purchase rewards can take up to 2 weeks to show up in your online account.

If it’s been longer than 2 weeks and you still don’t see any benefits, please call our Service line for assistance.

If 2 weeks haven’t passed yet but you want to use some of your purchase, inform staff when you come in the store. They will be able to help you. If you know what service advisor or salesperson you will be seeing, you can optionally email or call them ahead of time to speed things up when you’re in the store.

You can use your free oil changes on any vehicle you own and that we service. Check the terms and conditions section for details on free oil changes.

You’ll earn rewards in service for any vehicle that you service with us, regardless of where you bought it or what make or model it is.

You can allow household members to use your $200 Purchase Bonus benefit. We also allow sharing of benefits between spouses. We just need to be sure when you come in that you have the other person’s permission to use the benefits. If you’re servicing a shared vehicle, that’s usually enough proof.


5% Back Rewards are earned only on what you spend. Since you don’t pay anything for a warranty repair (nice!) you don’t earn anything. IF you have a deductible, you’ll earn 5% on the deductible amount.

That’s unfortunate! Don’t worry though, we can help.

Call our Service number during business hours, or email us at the email address on the member login page.

You don’t need to carry a member card, pin code, or anything else extra.

When you check out or pay, just tell our staff that you have rewards you would like to use. Whether you’re in Service, Parts, Body Shop or Sales, they will be able to apply your rewards for you.

Our staff can look you up by name, phone number, or email address as well as your member barcode number. You may be asked for proof of identity, like a driver’s license.

The Fine Print

General limitations and terms

The term “purchase” also includes leases. Benefits may be earned by retail customers only (no wholesalers). Rewards have no cash value. No refunds on unused benefits. Benefits may only be used at Buerkle dealerships except as specifically otherwise indicated.

$200 loyalty bonus in the form of Buerkle Rewards dollars.

May be used only toward a future vehicle purchase or lease in the same household. May not be used on the same vehicle purchase on which it is earned.

Expires 7 years after the vehicle purchase on which it is earned.

May be used on any vehicle you own. Expires 3 years after the vehicle purchase on which it is earned. Oil changes over $100 will receive a $100 discount.

May be used on any vehicle you own. Expires 3 years after the vehicle purchase on which it is earned.

May be used on any vehicle you own. Valid only in Buerkle Body Shop. Expires 3 years after the vehicle purchase on which it is earned.

Vehicle must be in the same physical and mechanical condition as it was during original delivery. 3 business days or 300 odometer miles from purchase. For example, a vehicle purchase on a normal Friday may be exchanged at the latest the next week Tuesday (Business day 1: Saturday; business day 2: Monday; business day 3: Tuesday) as long as it has not been driven over 300 miles since purchase.

If the vehicle has been damaged or modified in any way, it is not eligible for an exchange. 100% of the purchase price will be credited in the exchange, excluding state license fees.

Exchange requires lender approval for the new vehicle.

Excludes AS-IS vehicles, new vehicles, and vehicles with over 75,000 miles at the time of sale.

Buerkle will repair any covered defects found and reported during the warranty period, at no cost to the buyer.

Warranty excludes body work and wear items. All parts are covered with these exceptions: parts or components that are not factory installed, glass, lenses, sealed beams, light bulbs, wheels, wheel covers, tires, interior trim, moldings, bright metal parts, sheet metal, flexible body parts, weather strips, upholstery, convertible and/or vinyl top, paint, catalytic converter, exhaust system, brake rotors and drums, wiper blades, coolant hoses, shock absorbers, batteries (including hybrid batteries), throttle body assembly, spark/glow plugs, drive belts, brake pads, brake linings and shoes, bumpers, and manual clutch disc. In addition, repairs of water and air leaks, rattles, squeaks, wind noise, rust, physical damage, and alignment of body parts are not covered.

Normal maintenance services and parts, including engine tune up, suspension alignment, wheel balancing, fluids, and filters, are not covered.

$39.95 value based on CarFax retail pricing as of March 2017. CarFax is a trademark of CarFax, Inc.

Service visit must include a paid service item. Buerkle Rewards membership not required. In case of extremely cold weather or other circumstances, a car wash may not be possible..

5% back on what you spend in our service and parts departments, in the form of Buerkle Rewards earnings, to be used toward future transactions. Rewards are not earned on Body Shop repair items. On items covered by warranty, rewards are earned only on the deductible amount..

Rewards earned (“service rewards” or “5% back rewards”) be used towards down payment, lease cap cost reduction, service, parts, and/or customer pay body shop expenses. May not be used for auto body insurance deductible.

Rewards expire 18 months after the last service RO, parts purchase or vehicle purchase at a Buerkle dealership.


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